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Con una HP Indigo 20000 IBE entra nel packaging flessibile!

Con questo nuovo investimento IBE intende rispondere alle esigenze del packaging flessibile con tecnologie all'avanguardia.

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I.B.E. will attend as exhibitor the IPACK IMA'18 fair from May 29th – June 1st 2018.

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Spreafin Group

I.B.E. S.r.l. makes part of the Spreafin Group, a group of graphic industry companies founded in 1987, able to offer a 360° service in this market sector.

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Shrink sleeve label

In addition to self-adhesive labels, we can also offer you Shrink Sleeve Labels: a tubular heat-shrinkable plastic material that allows you to label the product by covering completely the entire surface of the packaging, fitting perfectly to it.

Thanks to its perfect adherence, shrink sleeve label can be used for all types of products, even those of most irregular shapes. It is an innovative and modern solution which can be used to make the packaging brilliant and colorful, taking advantage of all the available space to communicate to the customers suggestions, ingredients, descriptions and recipes.

Being printed on the inside and exposed only indirectly, this product is highly resistant to water and light and therefore it is not a subject to usury deriving from the storage and handling of the products.

Our presses can print up to 11 colors using different printing techniques: flexography, rotogravure,  offset.

The use of materials can vary according to what the label is used for or the result you want to achieve: PVC is a good compromise between convenient price and printing result, PET allows you to respect environmental requirements and OPS is a new material that joins together the advantages of the other two materials. Shrink sleeve label is also recommended as a warranty seal solution for bottle caps as it ensures the inviolability of the product.

It can also be used for special promotions to cluster two or more containers or to communicate a promotional message.

The shrink sleeve label is able to transform your product offering a more attractive image and greater visual impact to the eyes of the consumer.

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